Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MOTION-powerful-tool-thumbIf a single image is worth a 1,000 words… imagine a 25-image-per-second animated video!

Since the early 20th Century, graphic design has been widely used to explain things visually and to solve communicational problems, such as working out otherwise complex ideas in a simple way. Nowadays we’re still using graphics but through way more modernized techniques, like video animation: that’s when motion graphics were born!


Today we’re giving you 3 reasons why using motion graphics is the most powerful synthesis tool to explain any complex product or service and, also why it’s one of the best video techniques.


1. Visual Learning

Graphic design appears so much in our daily lives that we’ve progressively become visual learners. From simple drawings to colorful diagrams, graphic techniques help us to learn things easily through visual language: books for children use geometric design to teach them new things, marketers use pie charts to display statistics, and so on.


Marketing has adopted visual learning as a great approach to create engaging and educational content and synthesize their ideas. From colorful infographics to visually compelling marketing videos, nowadays marketers embrace visuals in each of their marketing campaigns. Motion graphics explainer videos take visual learning assets to the limit, synthetizing and explaining a business idea better than any other form of online content.


2. Keep Them In Motion!

But we’re discussing motion graphic videos here, so we’re not just talking about design but animation too!

Motion graphic videos are not just nice pictures or pie charts in a book: they use animation techniques to really come alive. These videos can then explain complex business ideas through graphic elements in motion, making everyone able to easily understand how any product or service works in a matter of seconds!

If pictures are powerful explainers themselves, imagine what pictures in motion can do for your brand!

3. The Best Of Both Worlds: Motion Graphics And Cartoon Animation

What’s even better about the motion graphic technique is that it can be mixed up with other animation techniques. Despite their undeniable explanatory power, motion graphics are so synthetic and graphic-based that they can lack a bit of the emotional side sometimes.

Then, if your company needs a more human or warm approach with its target audience, you need to add some cute characters and a funny story to help engage them. By using both techniques at the same time, you can present your audience’s problem through animated cartoon characters first (adding the human touch), and then explain how your product or service helps to solve it with graphics in motion. That’s a flawless combo!

Check out how this awesome animated explainer video uses ninjas, office buildings and motion graphics at the same time:


Did I make myself clear or do I have to draw and animate it for you? Motion graphic videos are the key to a great marketing explanation every single time; especially if you have a complex product or service to disclose.

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